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Thursday May 2nd 2024

Now that there’s enough light, the temperature is rising and it seems to have stopped raining (at least temporarily), it’s time to kick off our popular Thursday night ride series once again. These rides follow a series of routes through local lanes over varying moderate distances and are the perfect reason to get Lycra’d up after work or school to enjoy the summer evenings on your bike.

This year we’re going to adjust the format again to encourage riders of all abilities to join in. For 2024 there will be no preset groups determined by average speed, rather the plan is for everyone to ride round at their own pace. Within a short time groups determined by speed and ambition will form organically so there should always be suitable company available, just turn up and do your own thing with like-minded companions.

Rides will normally depart from SSC at 1900 and a route will be published at least 24 hours previously on the club’s Facebook page (HERE). Given the new format it is obviously preferable that everyone has the route with them. Around the solstice there will be some longer outings to include refreshments for those who wish to partake.

All WFCRC members are most welcome to join us on our summer evening jaunts around the lanes!