Road Racing

A number of club members race in the local road race calendar.  Road races are held on open roads and all events supported by British Cycling also feature full marshal support from the National Escort Group (NEG) which means that there will be outriders on motorbikes to control traffic throughout. Road races tend to take place on a lapped course and usually last around three hours.

Just like circuit racing road races are also classified according to ability and all new racers start as a fourth category rider having signed up for a British Cycling licence. Riders then accrue points based on finishing positions to move through the ranks (fourth, third, second, first categories and elite).

In addition to British Cycling there are also other events nationally organised by TLI ( )and British Masters Cycling for male and female riders over 40 years of age.  It is worth noting TLI and LVRC races do not count towards British Cycling points.

For more information of Road cycling check out the British Cycling Road website