Youth and Junior riders

The main hub for the youth section is considered to be on Thursday nights, where the Go-Ride training takes place.
These nights are very well known, as they are an established date in the calendar.
The Go-Ride sessions offer a good balance of training opportunities, mixed with the social aspect of the club. There are three different sessions which vary with a rider’s ability of speed and confidence on the bike. Overall, the atmosphere on a Thursday night is fantastic, and no matter who you are, or if you’re new, we will always make you feel welcome.
Youth Coaching Youth Coaching
I have been a member of Wfcrc for five years now. I started out attending the Go-Ride sessions in mid 2013, and to this day, attend them on a regular basis. The youth section of Wfcrc has always played a fundamental part in my cycling experience. Over the five years, I started to take place in more events like road rides, with a mixture of different circuit sessions. The club has played a big role in shaping who I am as a cyclist, helping me build up my confidence and skill on a bike. The club has also helped me progress into the racing aspect of the sport; Different training sessions have set me up for good results in races and time-trials.