Youth and Junior riders

The main hub for the youth section is considered to be on Friday nights, where the Go-Ride training takes place.
These nights are very well known, as they are an established date in the calendar.
The Go-Ride sessions offer a good balance of training opportunities, mixed with the social aspect of the club. There are three different sessions which vary with a rider’s ability of speed and confidence on the bike. Overall, the atmosphere on a Friday night is fantastic, and no matter who you are, or if you’re new, we will always make you feel welcome.
Youth Coaching Youth Coaching

Meet the Youth Committee

Junior Representative
Ben Lawrence
I have been a member of Wfcrc for five years now. I started out attending the Go-Ride sessions in mid 2013, and to this day, attend them on a regular basis. The youth section of Wfcrc has always played a fundamental part in my cycling experience. Over the five years, I started to take place in more events like road rides, with a mixture of different circuit sessions. The club has played a big role in shaping who I am as a cyclist, helping me build up my confidence and skill on a bike. The club has also helped me progress into the racing aspect of the sport; Different training sessions have set me up for good results in races and time-trials.
Junior Representative (2nd)
Erin Boddice
Wyre Forest CRC has played a fundamental role in my development as a cyclist. The coaches are both knowledgeable and experienced, thus being able to deliver high quality guidance that is derived from personal experience. As an U14 Richard gave me the confidence to try racing, something I still do today as a junior. For me, this epitomises the supportive culture of WFCRC, it is one that promotes the growth and development of its youth in competition whilst simultaneously ensuring that enjoyment always prevails.