Midweek TT Championship 2018

This year we are continuing with a championship for road bikes which will be run with the same format as last year: only road racing legal machinery allowed so no very deep section rims, disc wheels or tri bars and no aero helmets: you and your bike must be legal for a road race.

As usual points will be scored as last year for Scratch, Handicap, Vets on standard and Road but has been revised to just 12 rounds with the best eight performances counting for the various championships. There will also be overall prizes for the best U18 rider and best Woman.

Members should note that to be eligible for any award they must officiate at two events. This can be done by posting on the club forum here and the TT Marshals Rota page will be updated when possible.

The entry fee is £3-00 for members producing a 2018 membership card and £4-00 for any other riders.  Juniors under 18 will have to provide a parental consent form, but will get free admission to the races.  Signing on will take place between 6-30pm and 6-45pm with the first rider off at 7-01pm.

2018 TT Course Dates
 Date CourseReserve CourseNotesTimekeepers & Marshalls
Round 19th MayRyeland LaneGreat WitleyIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
Keith Lawrence
John Smith
Round 216th MayRyeland LaneGreat WitleyIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
Keith Lawrence
John Smith
Duncan Carson
Round 323rd MayGreat WitleyRyeland LaneIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
Keith Lawrence
Round 430th MayPearl LaneRyeland LaneIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
Keith Lawrence
Matt Boazman
Rosie Hopkins
Round 56th JuneRyeland LaneGreat WitleyIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
Keith Lawrence
Deborah Brown
Round 613th JuneGreat WitleyRyeland LaneIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
Keith Lawrence
Rosie Hopkins
Duncan Carson
Round 720th JunePearl LaneRyeland LaneIan Bunch
Mick Gray
Keith Lawrence
David Lloyd
Craig Hopkins
Round 827th JuneRyeland LaneGreat WitleyIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
Keith Lawrence
Mark Gahan
Round 94th JulyGreat WitleyRyeland LaneIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
Keith Lawrence
Craig Hopkins
Round 1011th JulyPearl LaneRyeland LaneIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
Keith Lawrence
Craig Hopkins
Round 1118th JulyRyeland LaneGreat WitleyClub 10 Mile TT Championship RaceIan Bunch
Mick Gray
John Bill
David Lloyd
Round 1225th July Great WitleyRyeland LaneIan Bunch
Mick Gray
Keith Lawrence


2018 TT Weekly Results
 Rider NumberRiderClub/TeamTime
1st17Matt ClarkeHACC22:00
2nd8Nic Bradburn22:51
3rd15Phil BlackerTeam Jewson23:10
4th =9Andy KnightWFCRC23:14
4th =6Stew BallSuccess Cycling23:14
6th11Mark CooperWSJCC23:23
7th16Matthew BoazmanWFCRC23:49
8th13Charlie GennerWFCRC24:11
9th10Brad BradleyWFCRC24:44
10th14Gary Smith25:34
11th5Mark GahanWFCRC25:43
12th3Ben LawrenceWFCRC26:20
13th7Dave BishopBOCC27:00
14th1Luke MasonWFCRC27:12
15th4David PriorWFCRC27:33
16th2Rosie HopkinsWFCRC30:42
17th12Alex BrownWFCRC33:20
2018 TT Overall Standings
1Matthew Boazman475SenMTT
2Mark Gahan377VetMRoad
3Charlie Genner369JunMRoad
4John Smith312VetMTT
5Rosie Hopkins312VetFRoad
6Duncan Carson288VetMRoad
7Craig Hopkins280VetMTT
8Ben Lawrence266JunMRoad
9David Lloyd262VetMRoad
10Brad Bradley246VetMTT
11Alex Brown202JunMRoad
12David Prior178VetMTT
13Luke Mason139SenMRoad
14David Briggs129VetMTT
15Andy Knight100VetMTT
16Paul Gibson71VetMRoad
17Bill Haslam40VetMTT
18Aimee Lane42JunFTT
19Ian Neale37VetMTT
20Mike Haddon35VetMRoad
21Joe Gibbs33JunMRoad
22Erin Boddice30JunFRoad
2018 TT Handicap Standings
1Mark Gahan414
2Matt Boazman412
3Charlie Genner357
4Rosie Hopkins350
5John Smith315
6Duncan Carson294
7Ben Lawrence293
8Craig Hopkins281
9David Lloyd258
10Brad Bradley225
11David Prior172
12Luke Mason137
13David Briggs122
14Alex Brown 106
15Andy Knight95
16Paul Gibson68
17Bill Haslam42
18Aimee Lane42
19Joe Gibbs40
20Ian Neale37
21Mike Haddon34
22Erin Boddice30
2018 TT Vets on Standard
Mark Gahan405
2John Smith367TT
3Rosie Hopkins341Road
4Duncan Carson307Road
5Craig Hopkins305TT
6Brad Bradley275Road
7David Lloyd274TT
8David Prior196TT
9David Briggs136TT
10Paul Gibson77Road
11Bill Haslam42Road
12Ian Neale38TT
13Mike Haddon37Road
2018 TT Road Bike Standings
1Mark Gahan425VetM
2Charlie Genner (U18)400JunM
3Rosie Hopkins346VetF
4Duncan Carson 327VetM
5David Lloyd295JunM
6Ben Lawrence 292VetM
7Alex Brown (U18)225JunM
8Luke Mason155SenM
9Paul Gibson80VetM
10Bill Haslam45VetM
11Craig Hopkins38VetM
12Mike Haddon37VetM
13Joe Gibbs (U18)36JunM
14Erin Boddice35JunF
2018 TT Championship Results
Rider IDNameClub/TeamAge CategoryBike Round 1 K8/10T Ryeland Lane
Round 2 K8/10T Ryeland Lane
Round 3 K22/10 Great Witley
Round 4 K22/14 Pearl Lane
Round 5 K8/10T Ryeland Lane
Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10Round 11Round 12Round 13Round 14Round 15Round 16
1Alex BrownWFCRCJunMRoad30:1730:4836:5258:0329:19
2Rosie HopkinsWFCRCVetFRoad41:5631:5637:1430:08
3Bill HaslamWFCRCVetMRoad25:43
4David LloydTRIKSVetMTT26:42
5Rob MullettUnattachedVetMTT24:4425:2624:09
6Phil BlackerTeam JewsonVetMTT23:0822:5922:56
7David BriggsWFCRCVetMTT24:4028:5343:54
8Steve VanesSuccess CyclingSenMTT20:5720:4820:18
9Matthew BoazmanWFCRCSenMTT24:0224:1828:5623:20
10Mark GahanWFCRCVetMRoad26:4726:5132:0940:2326:45
11Ian NealeWFCRCVetMTT29:56
12Brad BradleyWFCRCVetMTT26:1226:0138:5125:07
13Stewart BallSuccess CyclingSenMTT24:2324:1437:5823:44
14Duncan CarsonWFCRCVetMRoad25:1129:5739:2225:00
15Matt ClarkeHACCSenMRoad21:48
16Matt SmithStourbridge VeloSenMTT23:21
17Pablo RequejoSuccess CyclingSenMRoad27:21
18James JenkinsSuccess CyclingSenMTT22:2621:5221:10
19Gary JonesSuccess CyclingVetMTT23:30
20Andy OvertonSuccess CyclingVetMTT22:29
21Jamie HartNTFOVetMTT22:55
22Ben LawrenceWFCRCJunMRoad27:0331:5840:1325:47
23Jonty DavisV SprintVetMTT23:5223:28
24Tony MuirSuccess CyclingSenMTT25:20
25Charlie GennerWFCRCJunMRoad25:3429:1036:2724:35
26David PriorWFCRCVetMTT28:4928:07
27Dave BishopBOCCVetMTT28:22
28Adam PardoeSuccess CyclingVetMTT24:4824:15
29Craig HopkinsWFCRCVetMTT25:3530:3241:0025:28
30Lorenzo BurattiTeam JewsonVetMTT23:2722:37
31Luke MasonWFCRCSenMRoad33:2427:46
32John SmithWFCRCVetMTT32:0241:3725:42
33Paul GibsonWFCRCVetMRoad32:55
34Shaun HickinbottomSuccess CyclingVetMTT26:51
35David LloydWFCRCVetMRoad32:2840:5925:58
36Rob MullettUnattachedVetMRoad31:5842:19
37Tim GibbsWFCRCVetMRoadDNF
38Joe GibbsWFCRCJunMRoad45:09
39Mike HaddonWFCRCVetMRoad42:57
40Mark PhillipsTRIKSVetMTT41:19
41Charlie BoddiceSuccess CyclingJunMTT45:4829:33
42Erin BoddiceWFCRCJunFRoad31:33
43Andy KnightUnattachedVetMTT23:56
44Mark ZikkingTRIKSVetMTT29:11
45Nick BoseleyUnattachedVetMRoad27:05
46Mark CooperWSJCCVetMTT24:08