Wyre Forest CRC invite riders of all abilities and experience to challenge themselves to complete as many laps of the traffic free circuit at Stourport as possible in 24 hours, raising money for KEMP Hospice in the process.

The circuit is a purpose built 1.5km (0.95mile), traffic free, tarmac and flood lit loop making it the perfect venue for this event. You may enter as a solo rider, in a pair or as a team with up to 6 riders. The event starts at noon on the 24th August and ends 24 hours later.

Teams will be welcome to set up a small tent/gazebo on site allowing riders to rest and refuel between their efforts while the clubhouse will be open for hot food, refreshments and licensed bar.

All participants will receive a goodie bag including a T-shirt and eco-friendly medal and various trophies will be awarded at the event.

All proceeds from the event will go to KEMP Hospice

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Event Format

The Challenge will run over 24 hours (Saturday noon to Sunday noon). Riders will cycle around the traffic free, tarmac closed cycle circuit at Stourport Sports Club for the duration of the challenge.
Riders can choose to take on the challenge solo, in a pair or in a team of upto 6 riders, in a relay format (one rider on the circuit from each team at anytime).


The challenge is being created to help raise much needed vital funds for KEMP Hospice, The entry fee will cover the cost of the event with any remaining profit from the fee and takings on the day going direct to KEMP.

We ask that teams kindly use this event to also raise sponsorship for KEMP (though this isn’t required) via means of JustGiving.com or by using the event’s sponsorship page which can be found here

Wyre Forest CRC & Stourport Sports Club are providing volunteers, to run the event to ensure costs are kept to a minimal 


All riders must be registered prior to the event start, sign up is online only. 
Solo riders can sign up directly but it is up to the Team captain to sign their whole team up, amendments can be made to the team roster if required.

Riders must ensure that they abide by the challenge rules at all times on and off the circuit

Finally, remember this a fun fundraising challenge and there will be riders of all ages and abilities on the circuit at any one point. Please ride within the spirit of the challenge and show care and consideration to fellow riders and volunteers.

Team Captain

The Team Captain is the responsible for the registration and of their team.
The team Captain will be required to attend the rider briefing before the challenge starts and are also responsible for the Team’s HQ/camping area.

The Team Captain is responsible for their team’s conduct during the duration of the challenge on and off the circuit.  

Awards and Prizes

All riders will receive a goody bag upon completion of the challenge. Inside the bag you’ll find an Eco’friendly wooden medal, T-shirt and other goodies as a token of our thanks for raising funds and completing this epic challenge

We are in the process of working out the prizes which will be awarded at the challenge.

Rider Info

This is a fun friendly fundraising challenge, IT IS NOT A RACE.
All riders partaking in the challenge must be registered, this is done by yourself if you’re a solo rider or via the Team captain if your part or a Duo or Team.


Rider Requirements & Rules

  • All Riders will be required to have a road worthy bike to partake in the challenge
  • All Riders must wear a helmet at all times while on the bike
  • All Riders must wear there wristband at all times during the challenge
  • All Riders will be required to have a working front and rear light during the night stage of the challenge  
  • Riders must be at least 18 years old to attempt the challenge as a solo rider
  • The minimum age for a rider is 6 years old, The Team Captain for teams with U16 riders need to be over 18 and have written consent for the minors they are looking after, with a parent present at all times when the minor is on site.

The Course

The Role of the Team Captain

Every Duo & Team will require someone to be nominated as the Team captain (Solo riders are their own team captains) .
Within this role you will be reasonable for all aspects of team life, from team recruitment and signing the team up, to running the team on challenge day.
You’ll be our main contact and we’ll be relaying messages to you to pass onto your team both before and at the event.

You’ll need to ensure that your team members have been made aware of all ride procedures, such as the start, relay changeover and finishing, the use of marshals, how to report incidents etc, and that they adhere to all safety requirements of the challenge 

The Team captain MUST attend the ride briefing at 10:30am on the morning of the challenge.

NOTE: The team leader doesn’t have to cycle (Useful for U16 Teams)


Is there a minimum age?

Riders must be at least 18 years old to attempt the challenge as a solo rider.

The minimum age for a rider is 6 years old, The Team Captain for teams with U16 riders need to be over 18 and have written consent for the minors they are looking after, with a parent present at all times when the minor is on site.

Can I bring my family & friends?

Yes of course! They are not allowed on the circuit or in the change-over area though. Children are not to be left unattended

Can I bring a dog?

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on site (except certified assistance dogs)

Where can I sleep?

You can bring a small tent or team gazebo. Alternatively there are nearby hotels such as Stourport Manor or Travelodge & Premier Inn in Kidderminster

What gender category should I select?

Select Female if ALL of your team members identify as female and were assigned female at birth. For all other combinations of gender within a team please select ‘Open’.

What competition category should I enter?

If all or at least half of your team are experienced cyclists please enter ‘Cycling/Triathlon Clubs & Other Experienced Cyclists’. Corporate entries of colleagues and friends representing a business should enter as ‘Corporate’. Everyone else should enter as ‘Friends & Family’. The organisers reserve the right to move teams to a more appropriate category at any time

Can I ride in more than one team?

Yes as long as the 6 rider limit is not breached

What do I do if I can't do anymore?

Relax and enjoy the moment. What laps you’ve done will still count towards overall standings

Can I leave the event site to rest/buy snacks etc ?


How do we change rider?

There will be a designated change-over area on the course where the incoming team member will remove their timing chips and hand it over to the outgoing rider. The chips are secured to your bike using a velcro band

What refreshments will be available?

The club house will be open serving food and drink until approx 11pm and will reopen at 8am. Nearby there are fast food restaurants, Lidl, Aldi and Tescos

I only have 4 in my team, can we still ride?

Yes, 6 is just a maximum number.

Can we have a BBQ?

Unfortunately not!