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Thank you to all the riders, and volunteers who braved the weather and helped ensure this years annual 10mile open TT took place.

For this year’s TT we introduced the ‘Mick Gray’ Memorial trophy to remember a much admired member of our club, by awarding the trophy to the fastest club member on the day.

Mick was a committed club member and our TT specialist for over 4 decades. Mick’s aptitude for aero speed, time and minor detail was evident in both his rides and the help he contributed to yours. A real authority on all things regarding the discipline Time-trialling. Whether it be the technicalities of aerodynamics, split times, cadence or gears, Mick was the go-to-guy for this discipline. A warm, friendly, and selfless gentleman that gave his time without reservation. You would never forget to order your RTTC handbook, or not be ready for the February season opener, or miss the entry deadline for the Shirley ‘50’, Mick would always be there with a gentle nudge to remind you. Loved by all who knew him, Mick Gray will never be forgotten, a great British tester who helped shape Time-trialling into a compelling and addictive discipline within Cyclesport.

This award was won by Kara Tranter and will be presented to her at this year’s annual club awards.

Podium and full results May be found Below. 

One prize per rider with podium awards taking precedence over road and vet awards.

Female Name Time   Male Name Time
1st Denise Burrows 0:24:39   1st Simon Smart 0:21:39
2nd Kara Tranter 0:25:25   2nd Ed Moss 0:22:27
3rd Gemma Johnson 0:26:21   3rd Isaac Russell 0:22:48
1st Road Lezley Moran 0:33:11   1st Road David Lloyd 0:25:41
1st vet on standard NOT AWARDED     1st vet on standard Paul Guest 0:22:41


No. Name Surname Club Gender Cat Start Time Finish Time Time
1 Kara Tranter Wyre Forest Cycle Racing Club Female Senior 10:01:00 10:26:25 0:25:25
2 Lezley Moran Redditch Road & Path CC Female Veteran 10:02:00 10:35:11 0:33:11
3 Gemma Johnson Beacon Roads CC Female Veteran 10:03:00 10:29:21 0:26:21
4 Joy Hambridge Tamworth Cycling Club Female Veteran 10:04:00 DNSA DNSA
5 Denise Burrows AeroCoach Female Veteran 10:05:00 10:29:39 0:24:39
6 David Lloyd Wyre Forest Cycle Racing Club Male Veteran 10:06:00 10:31:41 0:25:41
7 Vic Trigger Crewe Clarion Wheelers Male Veteran 10:07:00 10:40:09 0:33:09
8 Mark Gunn Stratford Cycling Club Male Senior 10:08:00 DNS DNS
9 Mark Franckel Royal Sutton CC Male Veteran 10:09:00 DNS DNS
10 Nick Bent Worcester St. Johns CC Male Veteran 10:10:00 10:36:03 0:26:03
11 Damian Barratt Redditch Road & Path CC Male Veteran 10:11:00 DNS DNS
12 Paul Guest Worcester St. Johns CC Male Veteran 10:12:00 10:35:36 0:23:36
13 Philip Wooldridge VTTA (Midlands) Male Veteran 10:13:00 10:38:26 0:25:26
14 Henry Harbord Worcester St. Johns CC Male Veteran 10:14:00 10:40:38 0:26:38
15 Isaac Russell Team PB Performance Male Espoir 10:15:00 10:37:48 0:22:48
16 Paul Mansfield Droitwich Cycling Club Male Veteran 10:16:00 DNS DNS
17 Ed Moss Beacon Roads CC Male Veteran 10:17:00 10:39:27 0:22:27
18 Neil Wilkes Team V – Sprint Racing Male Veteran 10:18:00 DNS DNS
19 Rob Mullett Army Cycling Male Veteran 10:19:00 DNS DNS
20 Philip Marks Stratford Cycling Club Male Veteran 10:20:00 10:43:34 0:23:34
21 Matthew Overs Droitwich Cycling Club Male Senior 10:21:00 DNS DNS
22 George Thorne Worcester St. Johns CC Male Senior 10:22:00 DNS DNS
23 Simon Smart DRAG2ZERO Male Veteran 10:23:00 10:44:39 0:21:39