Youth 1km TT Series 2018

The WFCRC Youth 1km Time Trial will be starting on Thursday the 24th May at the Stourport track. The time trial will be restricted to riders under 16yrs of age with classifications depending on entries for under 8, under 10, under 12, under 14 and under 16 for girls and boys.
Age classification is determined on age at the first race. There will be 8 races starting on 24.5.18, continuing throughout the summer at fortnightly intervals until the 30th August. The riders best 6 points scores counting towards the final results.

Signing on will take places between 6.10pm and 6.40pm. Our aims is to set the first rider off at 6.50pm to allow for any youth attending Thursday B rides. Any youth attending the club B ride should make contact through the FB post to book an early start time.

Only WFCRC members will appear on the points tables although ALL entrants will appear on the weekly results.

All riders must have a parental consent form signed in order to compete as well as a road worthy bike, to road bike specification i.e. No aero bars, no disc wheels, aero helmets, or hidden motors!


2018 1km TT Dates
 Date Time
Round 124th MaySign on 18:20-18:40
First rider off 18:51
Round 27th JuneSign on 18:20-18:40
First rider off 18:51
Round 321st JuneSign on 18:20-18:40
First rider off 18:51
Round 45th JulySign on 18:20-18:40
First rider off 18:51
Round 519th JulySign on 18:20-18:40
First rider off 18:51
Round 67th AugustSign on 18:20-18:40
First rider off 18:51
Round 716th AugustSign on 18:20-18:40
First rider off 18:51
Round 831st AugustSign on 18:20-18:40
First rider off 18:51
2018 1km TT Weekly Results
 RiderClub/TeamAge GroupTime
1stMax HindsWFCRCU12M1:34
2ndBen LawrenceWFCRCU16M1:36
3rd=Alex BrownWFCRCU14M1:39
3rd=Felix ForresterWFCRCU12M1:39
3rd=Nate BunchWFCRCU14M1:39
6thRyan GahanWFCRCU10M1:42
7thJoe GreeningWFCRCU10M1:43
8thEthan GahanWFCRCU14M1:46
9thJames SaundersWFCRCU10M1:49
10thGeorge GregoryWFCRCU10F1:53
11thHannah PhilpottsWFCRCU12F1:57
12thDaniel PhilpottsWFCRCU8M2:07
13thJayden CookeWFCRCU8M2:12
14thJenson GrovesWFCRCU10M2:13
15thLucas GuestWSJCC2:18
16thMabel GuestWSJCC2:20
17thEmma SaundersWFCRCU8F2:21
18thIvy GregoryWFCRCU8F3:37
19thMabel CookeWFCRCU8F4:12
2018 1km TT Overall Standings
1Nate Bunch240U14M
2Alex Brown232U14M
3Felix Forrester219U12M
4Joe Greening206U10M
5Jenson Groves202U10M
6Posie Forrester195U14F
7Ryan Gahan191U10M
8Ethan Gahan190U14M
9=Hannah Philpotts177U12F
9=James Saunders177U10M
11George Gregory171U10M
12Daniel Philpotts170U8M
13Emma Saunders158U8F
14Jayden Cooke128U8M
15Ivy Gregory115U8F
15=Beau Ballard115U12M
17Ben Lawrence95U16M
18Mabel Cooke53U8F
19Charlie Genner50U16M
20Max Hinds45U12M
2018 1km TT Handicap Standings
PositionNameCategoryMarkerHandicap +/-
1Joe GreeningU10M130-132
2Jenson GrovesU10M130-131
3Ryan GahanU10M130-116
4Felix ForresterU12M120-97
5James SaundersU10M130-86
6Nate BunchU14M110-66
7Daniel PhilpottsU8M140-60
8Max HindsU12M120-56
9Alex BrownU14M110-54
10Posie ForresterU14F115-48
11George GregoryU10M130-46
12Beau BallardU12M120-30
13Ethan GahanU14M110-20
14Hannah PhilpottsU12F125-18
15Ben LawrenceU16M100-16
16Charlie GennerU16M100-16
17Jayden CookeU8M140-1
18Emma SaundersU8F145+16
19Mabel CookeU8F145+123
20Ivy GregoryU8F145+241
The handicap for this series is worked out by the riders times above or below the course marker for their age group. For U16M it is 100 seconds down to 145 seconds for U8F. The winner will be the rider who beats their age handicap by the biggest margin. The best 5 rounds count towards the overall standings.