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This is just a short post to explain (or try to) the new TT Handicap system we are running with this season.

Handicap Data Sheet

Previous systems have relied on performances from earlier efforts and the skills of experienced handicappers. This new method is designed to provide a level playing field regardless of previous attempts. It is a slight adaptation of a system used by Richmond CC who offered the best explanation I could find.

Basically we run our TT series on three courses, Ryeland Lane, Great Witley and Pearl Lane. All are either shorter or longer than a usual 10 mile course and somewhat lumpier. These factors have been taken into consideration when calculating allowances. I use a system dividing the elevation gain divided by the course length to find an overall climb rating. This can be seen in cells I2, K2 and M2 and is an average m/km for each course. This is then multiplied by the handicap factor to create a time allowance.

The main premise of our system is that riders aged between 19-34 get the least assistance from the handicap, with a sliding scale of allowance for younger riders, down to 12 years old, up to 90 years old.

The Data columns are from L to R

B. Age.

C. Male coefficient

D. Female coefficient

F. Coefficients for calculations

G. Age and gender

H. Great Witley allowance in seconds

I. Great Witley allowance in time

J. Ryeland Lane allowance in seconds

K. Ryeland Lane allowance in time

L. Pearl Lane allowance in seconds

M. Pearl Lane allowance in time

The graph shows a visual representation of the allowances for age and gender.

As an example, a 45 year old male rider on the Great Witley course would have an allowance of 1939 seconds or 32m19s. Each round the points are awarded in order to those who beat their target allowance by the greatest amount. Even if a rider is slower than their allowance time they will still receive points.

All club riders qualify for handicap points each round. Every rider is required to marshall at least two rounds to qualify for awards.





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