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We all love a challenge and with the ongoing lockdown, lack of events and group riding opportunities testing ones riding ability seems to be limited to virtual events.

With this in mind I revisited some of my ride ideas that involve challenges within the Wyre Forest district.

For those that like a distance challenge I have created two routes, a Fondo and a Century. Both are contained within a 7 mile radius of Stourport Sports Club (actual start points may differ) and offer a route around most of our locale without repetition (a couple of exceptions)

For those who enjoy climbing (pretty much all of us, yes? ) I have created 3 routes which take in 20 of the most endearing climbs in our area (plus a bonus climb). There are some omissions which I’m hoping to cover in a later route. The routes have been tested and found to be rideable, though some country lanes in the winter will require care, especially when descending.

The climbs;

  1. Church Hill, Kinver. 
  2. St Kenelm’s, Clent
  3. The Rumbow, Clent
  4. Pig Hill, Elmbridge
  5. Hurtle Hill, Dunley
  6. Jennings Wood Lane, Dunley
  7. Heightington Lane, Bewdley (from town centre through ford to Heightington Road)
  8. Park Lane, Bewdley
  9. Wyre Hill, Bewdley
  10. Long Bank, Bewdley (town centre to forest)
  11. Hoarstone Lane, Trimpley
  12. Jacobs Ladder, Habberley
  13. Eymore Wood, Trimpley (from railway bridge at Trimpley reservoir to junction)
  14. Pound Green, Arley (from Harbour Inn to Buttonoak)
  15. Arley Lane, Arley. (From riverside to Shatterford)
  16. Romsley Lane, Alveley (from the Mill hotel)
  17. Batfield Lane, Alveley (from the Mill to Enville Brewery)
  18. Beacon Lane, Kinver (from Sheepwash Lane to Shatterford)
  19. Herons Gate Lane, Kinver (from Compton X to Sheepwalks Jcn)
  20. Sheepwalks, Kinver (from Bannut Tree Lane to the Jcn)

The climbs come in no specific order and are split over the 3 routes. Do all three and you’ll unlock the bonus climb (you can thank me or curse me for adding it later). Notes on the Strava files show which climbs are on which route.

There’s no obligation to do the routes in their entirety, you can do half a route one day and finish it another, or one climb a day, however you want to ride it.

Remember to ride safely and follow BC advice at all times.


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