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Hi everyone

I know it is still a little way away but I have now had the booking at Newport velodrome confirmed for 13th January

I have booked two sessions – a 2 hour taster session aimed mainly at people that have not been on the track before or for a very long time.

The second is a 2 hour session for more intermediate level riders – this is not accreditation (I tried to get the coach to do it!) as they have a fairly strict structure and set up for that but it will, based on riders ability, allow people to do some of the accreditation drills you will not be able to do in the taster session.

Price wise will be approx £25 and around £20 for juniors per session which covers track hire, coach hire and bike hire.

Priority will be first claim members and will then open to others if spaces left and for the taster will be priority for those that did not attend last time. In case anyone ask about shows they use Keo cleats or you can use trainers and toe clips.

Can people let me know if they want to be attend either on Facebook post or at for those not on Facebook. I need to finalise names in next few weeks and payment will be due just before xmas (sorry although you can always tell a loved one they got less gifts to find your track session!)

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