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Hi everyone. Just wanted to get some views on the midweek TT championship, mainly from riders who actually take part but all welcome.

We are planning 16 rounds this year with the best 12 counting to final league placing as previous. However, we know from last two years August numbers are very low often only around 5 riders compete often less due to holidays mainly. We also have the challenge of marshalling and need a minimum of 3-4 for most of our courses.

Having checked who is away in August we know some of the regular marshalls are away at different points. We are down a timekeeper one week and I am away 2 weeks meaning we need another person to drive the course on the morning of the event. Also a number of riders are on leave having checked.

Given this one thought I discussed with some riders tonight was reducing rounds from 16 to 12 with the best 8 counting not 12 and not running events in August which seems to be what most other clubs do with their series. What are people’s views?

Would be good to know ahead of committee Monday if possible. If people can post comments below that would be great or via Facebook if you use it where I have also posted this.


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