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We have had a club forum now for several years, and it’s a great place for people to hangout and discuss all things cycling and WFCRC related without the need for Facebook.

The forum used by the club in the past has been hosted on a paid forum platform and paid for by the club every year. This platform hasn’t updated in several years and as such the features offered on this forum were extremely limited and out dated.

I have been busy beavering away behind the scenes to try and resolve these issues.
Today i am pleased to announce the soft launch of the new and improved WFCRC forum!

The new forum uses a new and improved FREE platform used by 1000’s of websites and companies around the globe.

I have also customised the forum to give it a WFCRC look and feel, added several features and ensured everyone signed up has the ability to add photos to posts along with polls.

You may ask why the forums are relevant in a world where Facebook groups exist, but not everyone uses Facebook and with data breaches and privacy a huge concern for us all, forums are ideal places to hangout without big brother’s prying eyes!

Our forum also offer further advantages over our Facebook group; 

  • Easy to search for information and previous discussions
  • More advanced features such as text formatting, private messaging, statuses
  • Full member profiles specific to our club forum
  • Ability to add signatures at the bottom of posts for non invasive promotion of yourself 🙂
  • Automated access – no more having to manually approve or remove members
  • Better categorisation of topics and posts
  • Fully focused on our club and cycling

The old forum will be closing in the coming months so please take the time to sign up to the new forum and lets watch our community grow 

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