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More than 70,000 club members from around the UK are now members of British Cycling (BC), enjoying peace-of-mind from liability insurance and legal support offered to them for cycling and racing, as well as a huge range of discounts (including 10% at Halfords on everything), exclusive deals and priority access to top events.
Not only that but your membership helps ensure British Cycling can promote and develop cycling across the nation from grass roots level all the way up to our world class athletes.
As a club we benefit hugely from the help and support from British Cycling, and none of this would be possible without their members!

If you have never been a BC member and need an extra incentive to join, we have an exclusive affiliated club discount for our members wanting to join British Cycling for the very first time:

50% off Ride membership £24 off Race membership
For non-racing club cyclists For racing club cyclists
Liability insurance and legal support for leisure cycling, club rides, commuting and sportives. Liability insurance and legal support for racing, club rides, commuting and sportives.
Use promo code NEWCMRD Use promo code NEWCMRA


Want to see what other benefits your British Cycling membership gets you, click here

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